Camera-Ready Instructions

  • Papers may contain up to 6 single­-spaced U.S. letter pages, including all figures and tables.
    References and appendices do not count in the page limit.
  • Papers must be written in English.
  • Papers must include the author names and affiliations. An email address is recommended for (at least) the corresponding author(s).
  • Papers must include a Data Availability Statement (details below).
  • Papers must use the default ACM template for conference proceedings (9pt font).
  • Do not use ACM CCS. The use of keywords is optional.
  • The authors retain the copyrights on their papers. Refer to the instruction below for the typesetting of the copyright block.

Once the papers have been revised, they should be uploaded as new versions on OpenReview (the uploading will be made available in the next few days). The deadline for the paper's final version is July 31, 2020.

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Copyright and Workshop information

Authors retain the copyrights on their papers. To typeset this appropriately as well as providing appropriate workshop information, please include the following block in your TeX source before \begin{document}:

% Copyrights management information
\acmConference[CPS-IoTBench'20]{CPS-IoTBench'20: The 3rd Workshop on Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things}{Sept. 25, 2020}{London, UK}
\acmBooktitle{CPS-IoTBench'20: The 3rd Workshop on Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things, Sept. 25, 2020, London, UK}

Data Availability Statement

Public data sharing is strongly encouraged for all submitted papers, but not compulsory. However, all papers must include a statement about data availability. We recommend to put this statement as a paragraph between the abstract and the introduction. The statement should indicate what data is made available by the authors, and where they can be accessed. Minimally, we recommend that the authors publish the processed data used to produce all plots and visualizations presented in the paper.

For good advice on data sharing, see The Turing Way handbook, most particularly

Shall the authors decide not to share any data related to the paper, the statement could simply be the following sentence: “The authors of this paper do not make any corresponding data available.” Again, we do not recommend this...

Paper presentation

Authors of accepted papers are expected to present their work at the workshop; the presentation instructions are available on the workshop organization page.

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